Interest Free Loan Scheme Expansion – NiLs

Supporting with school uniforms, replacing white goods and unexpected expenses The government backed scheme in Manchester is run by Credit Unions, and is now rolling out to cover an additional 20,000 households. The loans are usually between £500 and £2000 and are aiming to help the financially vulnerable who may not pass traditional affordability checksContinue reading “Interest Free Loan Scheme Expansion – NiLs”

Crypto Update

BTC drops below $20k Ouch, I just did my morning check & saw Bitcoin was below $20000, $19.2k to be precise. & Ethereum is hovering around the $1k mark. I bought my BTC with Mr Calamity across a period of about 8 months & the price ranged from $40-60k (yeah thats right, we bought atContinue reading “Crypto Update”

10 for £10 at Iceland is back

& its as popular as ever! Save up to £12.50 with 150 products to chose from. Now realistically you need to spend £25 and pay for delivery, or £40 for free delivery. But with the school holidays coming up (in Scotland at least they start end of June) this could be a great way toContinue reading “10 for £10 at Iceland is back”

Interest Rates rise by another 0.25%

Getting pretty used to the little text from Barclays now, informing me of yet another rise to my mortgage payments. If you have a mortgage and you aren’t on a fixed deal then expect a text or letter through the door soon. I don’t think I have ever heard from bank as much as IContinue reading “Interest Rates rise by another 0.25%”