Side Hustle #4 Surveys

Online Surveys are always recommended for stay at home mums, but why? I have to say, I have always had a tendency to sneer a little bit when I see people looking for a side hustle and someone recommends “online surveys” however, if so many people recommend it then it should be checked out right?Continue reading “Side Hustle #4 Surveys”

Play a Podcast – Get £5

Sounds easy right? I could use £5 right now, so let’s try it. If you use Amazon and haven’t played a podcast yet you are probably familiar with this offer, since it is on the homepage every day. I actually had some trouble finding it today but it was on the top right So, dutifullyContinue reading “Play a Podcast – Get £5”

Mindful Spending – Monday Update

When YNAB preached budgeting to zero, I don’t think this is what they had in mind. Current Balance: £0.18 This isn’t great… well it is great for Co-Op, just not for me. Or anyone in the Calamity household basically. So, it was Fathers Day, if you remember I had planned the children to make aContinue reading “Mindful Spending – Monday Update”

Interest Free Loan Scheme Expansion – NiLs

Supporting with school uniforms, replacing white goods and unexpected expenses The government backed scheme in Manchester is run by Credit Unions, and is now rolling out to cover an additional 20,000 households. The loans are usually between £500 and £2000 and are aiming to help the financially vulnerable who may not pass traditional affordability checksContinue reading “Interest Free Loan Scheme Expansion – NiLs”

Crypto Update

BTC drops below $20k Ouch, I just did my morning check & saw Bitcoin was below $20000, $19.2k to be precise. & Ethereum is hovering around the $1k mark. I bought my BTC with Mr Calamity across a period of about 8 months & the price ranged from $40-60k (yeah thats right, we bought atContinue reading “Crypto Update”

Mindful Spending – The Weekend Challenge

No spend is all the rage right now, but realistically that can’t work for everyone. Today is June 18th and I have £47 to last until payday (27th) I don’t have anything going on right now that may increase this amount really,. Now my usual approach (& let me know if this rings any bellsContinue reading “Mindful Spending – The Weekend Challenge”

Interest Rates rise by another 0.25%

Getting pretty used to the little text from Barclays now, informing me of yet another rise to my mortgage payments. If you have a mortgage and you aren’t on a fixed deal then expect a text or letter through the door soon. I don’t think I have ever heard from bank as much as IContinue reading “Interest Rates rise by another 0.25%”

Batch Cooking – Vegetable Thai Green Curry

84p per portion (makes 12) Makes 12 portions, great for the freezer, meat free. Cost: £9.98 my basket is from Asda and so this one comes in at 84p per portion This recipe could not be easier. Prepare all vegetables by washing and cutting into chunks. Gently fry your vegetables in 4 tablespoons of yourContinue reading “Batch Cooking – Vegetable Thai Green Curry”

Bitcoin – The crash. Holding Tight but not feeling good

“Quick, it’s on sale” he says… It is 2022, inflation is rampant, I’ve downgraded everything in our cupboard and the kitchen is now a sea of yellow (Asda Smart Price are mid rebrand to Essentials) and I feel like every other day I’m getting a letter from the bank advising that my mortgage payment isContinue reading “Bitcoin – The crash. Holding Tight but not feeling good”

No Spend Diary 1st-7th Jan

Overall, a pretty cheap week. Definitely not no spend, but after the frenzy that was Christmas it was much calmer. New Years Day was super cheap, we went to the beach and ate some cake. I confess I bought some mash potato, but it was only £1. Sunday 2nd we went to the Deer Centre,Continue reading “No Spend Diary 1st-7th Jan”