No Spend Diary – 26th April

Another day, another trip to Co-Op. I’m in two minds about this. Mr Calamity will only eat Stephens Rolls that we get from Co Op, so I can’t add them to my weekly food delivery and I think they are fairly essential, I can’t find a suitable alternative to them at least. So maybe they shouldn’t count against me?

The lettuce I bought should though, not because lettuce is bad but because I need to budget my food shop to last the entire week since top ups are soooo expensive.

I did however forego any cake, which was a small miracle considering how awful my eye is. Its incredibly painful and putting me in a terrible mood all the time. It is starting to get a tiny bit better now, but only just and it still looks an absolute disgrace.

Talking of absolute disgraces, Mr Calamity finished the tub of Ice Cream from yesterday today. I was raging at how fast it went and now we all have to wait until Thursday (shopping day) for more. He literally added some toffee sauce and Rich Tea biscuits then gobbled it from the carton.

April 26th – 0.49 (Lettuce only being counted as I’m taking rolls from shopping budget!)

Side Hustle #1 Ad Rating

I decided to start by sharing one of the best in my opinion. Does it count as a side hustle if it is a legit job? I’m not sure, but this one is not to be overlooked.

Social Media Ad Rating pays around £10 per hour (in $ so you sometimes fall victim to a poor exchange rate). If you have access to a PC it is fast & easy.

The sign up process is fast, you need to do a repeatable test and some training materials, give your tax info (as it is a real job) and then just wait… this is the slow bit. I signed up and did the tests in January, but didn’t get accepted on a project until October. Once accepted, it is happy times.

The rating work itself is straight forward, you aren’t paid for training but the training doesn’t take very long.

These 3 companies are very popular. If you take to Google you should find them easily, or if you comment below I can send you links to them.

  • Lionbridge
  • Appen
  • Crisp

The project I am on, is for 1 hour per day Mon-Fri, you can do weekends if you want to. You initially need to wait 5 weeks for your first week pay (they pay weekly but the Work Market system charges you for withdrawal if you withdraw early). Now that I waited my initial 5 weeks I can withdraw weekly. It takes 24-48 hours to reach my bank account. I earn a consistent £50 per week here and it can be up to £70 if you do weekends too.

I believe Crisp is a system where you can do as many hour shifts as you like but the payrate is slightly less.

Difficulty: 6/10 – Straight forward but requires training

Profit: Approx £50 per week upwards

Tried & Tested: Yes, this is a favourite of mine.

No Spend Diary – 25th April

The day started off on a bit of a low when I checked my emails to find there was nothing to say I had won the lottery.

I then ventured into the kitchen (at 6.28am on Sunday thanks to the 2 year old) to discover Mr Calamity had left the Ice Cream out all night. I rather resentfully poured it away, then checked my phone to discover that Mother in Law was planning to arrive at 9am.

Just Great. I have a stye, not a normal one but a massive 4 in 1 style beast that really really hurts so I start a frantic clean up operation with a hot compress attached to my face and a real mood on.

From this start my day didn’t improve much, I replaced the ice cream and in a moment of weakness bought a packet of rich tea biscuits and a 2l bottle of Fizzy Water, then ate about 6000 calories worth of pudding whilst still nursing my face.

Just tallying up my daily spends and it looks like I was overcharged in co op by 66p, I only bought 3 things and definitely checked the prices of them (I was aghast at the £3.30 carton of Ice Cream, the one it was replacing from Asda only cost £1.30), when I got home the ice cream carton had been dropped and bust open too, I know that a better person would go back and complain but I’m just too tired and sore.

25th April – £4.99 / £5.65

£3.30 – Ice Cream (Co Op)

£1.20 – Rich Tea Biscuits

£0.49 – Fizzy Water

No Spend Diary – 24th April

And so it begins… rather than just focus on earning extra money it is time to get real and cut right back on spending it.

To this end, I’m likely not going to go zero spend but I’m cut it as far down as I possibly can hopefully without anyone noticing.

One thing I can’t control though, is the draw of Minecraft to the 8 year old. So aside from letting her buy 3 Minecraft coin packs with her Birthday money I then agreed to buy her the Lego City Undercover Game for £12. 3 days after I bought her an Xbox for £249 (actually more like £269 as I had to pay for insured fast delivery). What a mug.

The real money waste though was the Lottery. 2 lines for £2 each and no I did not win. I’m a bit worried that I won’t be able to stop the lottery, it is a teeny bit of a compulsion. I just feel like it is soon to be my time.

Total Spend:

24th April – £16

A bit about me

Hello! I’m Lydia. I live in chilly Fife with my partner (aka Mr Calamity), 2 children (age 8 and almost 3) and my dog.

This blog is about my journey to Financial Freedom. A bit like the FIRE movement but way less structured and with more money wasted on the National Lottery.

I have a few goals, short & long term.

  • Refurbish/fix up my house.
  • Make a savings cushion/emergency pot
  • Take the children to Disney World Orlando (& then big holidays every 2/3 years thereafter
  • Move to Cornwall and buy a bigger house
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To achieve these goals I will need to find a few different revenue streams. I’ve dabbled with side hustles before. Rented maternity dresses, Body Shop at Home, Second Hand Children’s Clothes, Postal Gift Boxes, Match Betting and Social Media Ad Rating to name a few.

So far some have worked better than others. Match Betting was brilliant, but Mr Calamity kept spending my bank and it became depressing fast starting from zero every month, The postal Gift Boxes had a lockdown boom, but it turns out I’m really bad at going to the post office and The Body Shop made my house smell amazing but didn’t actually net me any profit.

This time should be different as I do actually have Mr Calamity on board. He says he is ready to be a grown up and start thinking about the future, I hope he means it! I have always wanted to live in Cornwall so maybe… just maybe we can bring in enough.

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So, are you with me? What is your financial goal?