Entering competitions, fun and maybe lucrative? I love entering competitions. These days it can be a bit too easy with all the tweeting & retweeting, they don’t always feel real. But every time I enter any competition, in that moment I know I’m going to win. I rarely actually do win anything… but in theContinue reading “Comping”

Honest Value for those who live more rurally

But is it actually stocked and accessible at Co Op? I have a bit of a love hate relationship with co op. It is the only choice in my village & neighbouring town so I spend an excessive amount of money there (I don’t drive, I moved from London where driving wasn’t a big dealContinue reading “Honest Value for those who live more rurally”

Comparison of Food Shop Today v January

I took my basket from Asda online in January and tried to reorder, 33% increase in cost. Maybe I’m just confused here, but when I see the media discussing inflation at 11% I expect that to mean things going up by 11%, but to me this has felt really unmanageable and I’ve struggled to keepContinue reading “Comparison of Food Shop Today v January”

Results – June round up

So June wasn’t too bad after all. Lots of spending obviously since I am completely out of control but managed to hustle a few bits on the side and have some great leads and ideas to check out. The big surprise was the surveys. Ended up £50 up on those which is pretty good forContinue reading “Results – June round up”

The Body Shop At Home

They have had a makeover, so time to test To start with, just want to say I’m not a fan of MLM. The vast majority of people lose money and I am only testing this because I have been paid and fully expecting to lose my £29. I’m also not planning on spending any moneyContinue reading “The Body Shop At Home”

Online Surveys

Online Surveys are always recommended for stay at home mums, but why? I have to say, I have always had a tendency to sneer a little bit when I see people looking for a side hustle and someone recommends “online surveys” however, if so many people recommend it then it should be checked out right?Continue reading “Online Surveys”

Play a Podcast – Get £5

Sounds easy right? I could use £5 right now, so let’s try it. If you use Amazon and haven’t played a podcast yet you are probably familiar with this offer, since it is on the homepage every day. I actually had some trouble finding it today but it was on the top right So, dutifullyContinue reading “Play a Podcast – Get £5”

Mindful Spending – Monday Update

When YNAB preached budgeting to zero, I don’t think this is what they had in mind. Current Balance: £0.18 This isn’t great… well it is great for Co-Op, just not for me. Or anyone in the Calamity household basically. So, it was Fathers Day, if you remember I had planned the children to make aContinue reading “Mindful Spending – Monday Update”

Interest Free Loan Scheme Expansion – NiLs

Supporting with school uniforms, replacing white goods and unexpected expenses The government backed scheme in Manchester is run by Credit Unions, and is now rolling out to cover an additional 20,000 households. The loans are usually between £500 and £2000 and are aiming to help the financially vulnerable who may not pass traditional affordability checksContinue reading “Interest Free Loan Scheme Expansion – NiLs”

Crypto Update

BTC drops below $20k Ouch, I just did my morning check & saw Bitcoin was below $20000, $19.2k to be precise. & Ethereum is hovering around the $1k mark. I bought my BTC with Mr Calamity across a period of about 8 months & the price ranged from $40-60k (yeah thats right, we bought atContinue reading “Crypto Update”