About Me

Hello! I’m Lydia. I live in chilly Fife with my partner (aka Mr Calamity), 2 children (age 8 and almost 3) and my dog.

This blog is about my journey to Financial Freedom. A bit like the FIRE movement but way less structured and with more money wasted on the National Lottery.

I have a few goals, short & long term.

  • Refurbish/fix up my house.
  • Make a savings cushion/emergency pot
  • Take the children to Disney World Orlando (& then big holidays every 2/3 years thereafter
  • Move to Cornwall and buy a bigger house
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To achieve these goals I will need to find a few different revenue streams. I’ve dabbled with side hustles before. Rented maternity dresses, Body Shop at Home, Second Hand Children’s Clothes, Postal Gift Boxes, Match Betting and Social Media Ad Rating to name a few.

So far some have worked better than others. Match Betting was brilliant, but Mr Calamity kept spending my bank and it became depressing fast starting from zero every month, The postal Gift Boxes had a lockdown boom, but it turns out I’m really bad at going to the post office and The Body Shop made my house smell amazing but didn’t actually net me any profit.

This time should be different as I do actually have Mr Calamity on board. He says he is ready to be a grown up and start thinking about the future, I hope he means it! I have always wanted to live in Cornwall so maybe… just maybe we can bring in enough.

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So, are you with me? What is your financial goal?

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