Honest Value for those who live more rurally

But is it actually stocked and accessible at Co Op?

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with co op. It is the only choice in my village & neighbouring town so I spend an excessive amount of money there (I don’t drive, I moved from London where driving wasn’t a big deal to Scotland where it is and haven’t had the money since to learn).

The £5 deals look great on paper but the only time one was ever in stock for me it turned out it actually wasn’t, they had just put something else on the shelf and they had to call the manager and it was super embarrassing. I often go to the co op in the next town as that is where the doctors, chemist, dentist etc is and same issue there basically.

I was hyped this week when I saw the Feed your Family for £20 a week lady was working with co op, and immediately decided to try the shopping list and make the most of her £5 off a £20 spend voucher. But had an instant reality check when I saw that not only were all the £5 deals out of stock in both my Co Op’s again, but it would be a real struggle to actually shop for this meal plan.

  • Honest Value Whole Chicken – £2.92 – Not Stocked – Alt was £5 for 1.5kg
  • Potatoes – £2.00
  • Swede – £0.85
  • Carrots – £0.52
  • Spring Onions – OOS (Out of stock) no alternative
  • Tomatoes – OOS no alternative
  • 12 Yorkshire Puddings £1.30 – Not Stocked – Alt was 10 for £2
  • Honest Value Eggs – £1.40
  • 3 Onions – £0.95
  • Honest Value Rice 1kg – Not Stocked – Alt was £2.20 for 1kg
  • Peppers – £1.55
  • Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce (440g) £0.55 – OOS – Alt was £1.85 for 300g
  • Pasta – 500g for £1.05
  • Frozen Mixed Veg – £1
  • Tuna – £1
  • Sardines – £0.55
  • Soft Cheese 200g – £1.35 / Alt was 165g for £1 (low fat version)
  • Baked Beans – £0.32 – OOS / Alt was £0.44
  • Honest Value Gravy Granules – £0.40

So for me this shop came to £23.76 with 2 items completely missing (Tomatoes and Spring Onions)

Overall out of 35 items in the Honest Value range only 17 are stocked at my local(ish) store and out of that 17 only 10 were actually in stock. My nearest store has even less. I do appreciate the effort that Co Op has put in to creating this range to help with the Cost of Living crisis but I am so disappointed with implementation here.

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