Comparison of Food Shop Today v January

I took my basket from Asda online in January and tried to reorder, 33% increase in cost.

Maybe I’m just confused here, but when I see the media discussing inflation at 11% I expect that to mean things going up by 11%, but to me this has felt really unmanageable and I’ve struggled to keep hold of my shopping budget.  Things like Youngs fish, Turkey dinosaurs etc have been replaced with Asda Basics fish fingers now and looking at this I can see why.

My shop in Asda, done in January, if ordered now has increased from £54.59 to a huge £72.48.  That is £17.89 increase (33%) that I, like most of us just don’t have.  Right now, I’m coping by downgrading.  I buy Asda basics everything pretty much (& still struggle to keep in budget) but I worry about those who were buying Asda basics before?  What will they downgrade too? 

Side hustles aren’t just pin money now for so many of us ‘hustling’ is becoming real, changing mortgage payment dates, using clear pay, laybuy, Klarna, not just for luxury purchases but for our children’s shoes is becoming the reality.  I’m not going to suffer by dropping the Cherry Bakewell’s from my weekly basket, it could even be a benefit and the children don’t need cheese strings.  But they need something surely.  I’m ashamed to say there’s literally no fruit in my basket below!!  (It was an exceptionally poor week but also I tend to stock up on frozen every month or so), so I’d be really interested to see if anyone does have a similar comparison.

A comparison of my January Weekly food shop and how much it would cost today (6 months later)

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