Results – June round up

So June wasn’t too bad after all. Lots of spending obviously since I am completely out of control but managed to hustle a few bits on the side and have some great leads and ideas to check out.

The big surprise was the surveys. Ended up £50 up on those which is pretty good for something I was so down on. All surveys were on Prolific.

Less surprising was the Match Betting, the gift that just keeps giving. This month a grand total of £496, now in fairness that includes a bit of casino but I usually keep them both together and this is after about 2 years so all sign ups are gone. The best place to get started with Match Betting is Team Profit, they have a really clear guide that you just follow step by step and a Facebook group where you can ask questions. I have a referral link below – if you sign up and follow there guide from my link I get £10 but I’m only recommending it as its the place I use.

The blog has again made nothing. But that is expected since I still haven’t done any SEO. If anyone has a decent SEO guide I can use to learn then I would really appreciate it!

Body Shop at Home is currently at -£29 as I signed up and haven’t yet sold anything. Here is my link > Worst Consultant EU (for now)

KDP Print on Demand £9 which I think is actually decent considering I haven’t even logged in to KDP for about 5 weeks and only have 1 book that actually sells.

What is happening in July

Exciting stuff basically. Firstly SEO. It sounds so boring but if the blog can ever make any money I need to do it.

Next up is affiliate marketing and referrals. On one hand, I’m going to follow some referrals (the ‘deposit £1 get a free share, low level ones’ but also I’m going to try referring people a bit myself.

Amazon Associates. I signed up last night, going to use my Instagram primarily for this one. I’m thinking Prime Day/Christmas bargains type things. With a news feed on the site too.

Lastly I have made some nice budgeting tools and spreadsheets, so I need to get these finished up and on the blog ready for you to download by the end of July.

So, a fairly profitable June and I’m hoping to expand on that in July. Let me know what you are planning too!

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