The Body Shop At Home

They have had a makeover, so time to test

To start with, just want to say I’m not a fan of MLM. The vast majority of people lose money and I am only testing this because I have been paid and fully expecting to lose my £29. I’m also not planning on spending any money of my own after the initial sign up fee.

So first up, to get started I needed to find a consultant (or fill in the webform to be assigned one). If you are signing up you can just use my brand new link at the bottom of page. We do live in the world of instant gratification after all, so you don’t want to be hanging around waiting on webforms.

The first hoop to jump through, is to chose your starter kit. You can pay £29 or £59 basically. The £29 has 5 basic items in, the £59 has 15 items. I’m on a budget and as I said above budgeted to lose my sign up fee so I went with the cheaper option.

The sign up process should only take around 5 minutes. You fill in your usual personal details and at the end you will either be straight set up or it will ask for ID. In my case I needed a utility bill with my address on. I sent over via webform a screenshot from my electricity account Saturday night and received my welcome email Sunday morning.

In your welcome email, you will get your username & password along with a link to your own shop.

Everything looks pretty fancy.

I have some incentives to hit. I don’t really know what I’m going to get for hitting them, but I’ve always been a big fan of targets.

The thing I am most keen on though, is my own little website link.

This 100% appeals to my lazy side. Some great sale items here and if I can just get people to serve themselves then that is the best kind of passive income.

Next place to check out is the TBS Learning hub. Here you get a run through of all the super important things like how to navigate the site and place your first orders.

After you have completed your training (or before if you just know everything!) you are all set to get going! Start a Facebook group, invite all your friends, share, share & share your link.

I can’t rate this side-hustle quite yet, as I’m on Day 2. But I will throw myself into it with full enthusiasm over the next month and let you know how I am getting on.

Now if you are looking to sign up (or buy some stuff) my site link is here: for you to use.

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