Online Surveys

Online Surveys are always recommended for stay at home mums, but why?

I have to say, I have always had a tendency to sneer a little bit when I see people looking for a side hustle and someone recommends “online surveys” however, if so many people recommend it then it should be checked out right?

I chose prolific as I always hear good things about them, and had actually already opened an account back in 2020. First things first, there was already £15 on my account from my last surveys. No idea why I left there!! As you might have seen from my other posts I’m down to approx. 0.18p for this month so I withdrew that right away!

The site itself is pretty user friendly, once you sign up you are asked to fill in a lot of questionnaires, everything from politics, to family to locations. I felt a bit cheated but they do this so you don’t need to go through the hassle of starting surveys only to be told you aren’t eligible.

About Me section of Prolific

Once that was complete, I waited. and surprisingly I didn’t have to wait very long at all for some surveys to appear. (if you use a desktop PC you don’t even need to refresh, you can browse other tabs with it open and wait to see a little (1) appear.

So for about 4 hours, I’ve kept my eye on the surveys. Done the ones that look bearable. And BOOM £6.69

Now I’m really lazy, & get bored pretty quickly. So I didn’t do all the surveys offered to me, but I am quite taken in with the idea that if I do about £6 a day this week, by Friday afternoon I will have around £20 to withdraw for some treats for the children over the weekend.

So I do quite like this one really, it is low effort and if you are just looking for a little bit of treat money for the children not a bad way to go about it.

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