Play a Podcast – Get £5

Sounds easy right? I could use £5 right now, so let’s try it.

If you use Amazon and haven’t played a podcast yet you are probably familiar with this offer, since it is on the homepage every day. I actually had some trouble finding it today but it was on the top right

So, dutifully I click the offer. I am so ready for my £5 today thank you. This is where it gets a bit annoying. I can’t find any podcasts, the next page is just music. But they know I clicked the £5 offer, so I feel like I’m being made to work harder for my £5 than necessary.

I don’t have an Amazon Music subscription, I like Spotify, so now I’m worried that I need to subscribe.

These both say that they are included in my Prime subscription

So why when I click them, does it offer 30 days free trial then £8.99 per month. Eventually, after a very frustrating 5 minutes it asks me to log in, and so despite seeing my name & orders at top of screen I wasn’t logged in, which is very weird.

Once logged in I can chose Podcasts and I’m presented with loads of options!

I went with the Always Sunny in Philadelphia podcast, though realised too late that I couldn’t connect it from my PC to Alexa for whatever reason so had no sound. But surely Amazon doesn’t know that?

3 minutes into my Podcast, enough is enough. Where is my fiver Amazon? I go rummaging through the account, gift cards, top ups, coins (what is Amazon coins? one for another day but I really want to know).

It is at this point I decide to find the terms and conditions. Apparently, I will get a gift card code to use via email. I’m refreshing my email every minute but nothing through yet. I promise to come back and update once received though!

How long do you think I will manage hold on without spending it though?

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