Mindful Spending – Monday Update

When YNAB preached budgeting to zero, I don’t think this is what they had in mind.

Current Balance: £0.18

This isn’t great… well it is great for Co-Op, just not for me. Or anyone in the Calamity household basically.

So, it was Fathers Day, if you remember I had planned the children to make a bracelet, homemade pizza, crumble & custard. I had everything required.

Mr Calamity asked to swap out the crumble for Chocolate Ice Cream. It is Father’s Day afterall. Ok, ok I get it. So off we went to the shop. Now in fairness we were actually low on more things than I thought, so some spending was definitely legit.

  • 2 x Luxury chocolate ice cream – £3.55 (Mr Calamity needed a whole one to himself)
  • Pack of 4 toilet rolls – £3.50 (usually £1.99 from Asda)
  • Whole Milk – £1.55 for 4 pints (£1.35 from Asda)
  • Angel Cakes – £1.85 (Little one picked these up & it wasn’t worth the meltdown)
  • Dog Food x 1 tin – £1.10

Total £15.80

I shouldn’t have bought the Ice Cream or Cakes, I really do see that now.

But still, did I learn? Nope, obviously not. So last night Mr Calamity declares the kettle a limescale zone. It has limescale in it and so it is now dead to him. He NEEEEEEDS caffeine, but can’t have tea or coffee from the kettle. Or clean the kettle, I guess its tainted now.

Rather than watch him mope around crying about caffeine while drinking all our milk, I agreed on a co op online shop.

  • 3 x Irn Bru Xtra – £1.50 per bottle
  • 2 x french stick – £1 each (for dinner)
  • 2 x whole milk – £1.55 each
  • 2 x loaf of bread – £0.89 each
  • 1 x luxury ice cream – £3.55
  • 1 x Banana Bread – £1 (for the smallest, its about all he eats)
  • 1 x edam cheese slices – £2.55
  • choc ices box of 6 – £1.20 (so that the house plebs can have a treat while Mr Calamity eats the luxury ice cream)
  • coleslaw – £1.90
  • eggs – £1.40
  • 6 pack of dog food – £4.10

Total – £30ish. I say ish as it was more like £26 but then you pay delivery, bags and a 10% surcharge in case of substitutions.

I’ve also given my daughter £1.40 for various school raffles & bake sales this morning. This came from the bottom of handbag, behind the sofa fund.

I think we can all agree here that milk, bread, toilet roll, eggs and dog food are sensible purchases. Everything else seems to come from a place of people pleasing only. Now I don’t mind pleasing the 4 year old with banana bread that costs £1, but 3 tubs of luxury ice cream for a grown man isn’t ideal.

So a week of forced extreme no spend ahead then. Great.

co op prices and selection are limited, without a car you really pay a premium

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