Mindful Spending – The Weekend Challenge

No spend is all the rage right now, but realistically that can’t work for everyone.

Today is June 18th and I have £47 to last until payday (27th) I don’t have anything going on right now that may increase this amount really,.

Now my usual approach (& let me know if this rings any bells to anyone) is to focus on what I can afford and basically take myself down to £0 then once at £0 go on an extreme, enforced no spend. This month I would really like to save as much of that £47 as I can to get a bit of a head start on bills.

The Weekend Challenge

I’ve taken my £47, & popped it into my savings account. It is instant access and if I make a decision to spend it I can transfer it instantly using my phone. This way, no micro transactions can go out. £6.99, £3.99, £5.99 I find it a huge flaw in the banking system that its not possible to cancel recurring card payments via your bank.

Fathers Day

My instinct was to take the children to a lovely little cake shop that sells gifts. They could pick a small gift each and then we’d all get cake. Cost £15+

Instead, they are going to use our jewellery making supplies to make him a Dad bracelet. Then cook him his favourite dinner, which happens to be mushroom pizza so very easy & child friendly. We have the ingredients already so that will be completely free!

Children’s Treat

Yikes, what do I even do with the children without spending money? The little one is all about trains and buses, but obviously these are expensive as an adult, then you get your random destination, & generally feel forced to buy something.

Last weekend we took a bus to a nearby town. £9 on my bus fare then £4 on a Paw Patrol Magazine because the café wasn’t open yet. £3.30 on a mushroom ready meal for Mr Calamity that only M&S sell (just because this town happened to have M&S in the petrol station) then £8 on cake and tea. So that was £24.30. On what was billed as a really cheap outing.

So, this weekend I’m going to try and entertain the children for free. I’m thinking Fathers Day crafts & baking, bike to the park & yeah basically that.

Good luck to everyone else cutting costs this weekend! I’m in a really good position that I have food in the house + raw ingredients for baking & cooking activities for the children, so really no excuse to fail.

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