Crypto Update

BTC drops below $20k

Ouch, I just did my morning check & saw Bitcoin was below $20000, $19.2k to be precise. & Ethereum is hovering around the $1k mark.

I bought my BTC with Mr Calamity across a period of about 8 months & the price ranged from $40-60k (yeah thats right, we bought at the absolute peak of BTC!) so our savings are pretty wrecked right now.

So we are still holding tight, but not with much confidence from me and I do kind of wish we weren’t. Mr Calamity however is still bullish & if he could he would put our last £47 in to Bitcoin no question.


Bitcoin just dropped below $19k Ethereum below $1k and low & behind, I got the call from Mr Calamity asking where we can find money to buy. I’m trying to put him off… wish me luck!

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