Big News for Asda shoppers!

Online Refund Process – New, Quick & Easy

Right, so your shopping arrived. It all looks good, you accept your substitutions but while packing everything away you notice you only received 2 milk cartons not the 3 you ordered and paid for. You go online to tell them, but you can’t… you need to talk to an advisor. So you try to live chat but it says your order hasn’t finished processing and you need to wait another 48 hours.

So if, & only if you remember to go back in 48 hours you can then sit in a queue for live chat and get your refund.

That was the old system anyways!

Now, you notice your milk is missing, log in to your account & start the refund process instantly in the automated system. Mine was approved within 5 minutes. I chose an e-gift card for my £1.89 refund, which arrived, in my email straight after the approval.

I’m thinking of keeping my refunds saved up for Christmas, but need to check the dates on them. Definitely worth double checking your shopping though, now it is such a fast, easy refund process.

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