10 for £10 at Iceland is back

& its as popular as ever! Save up to £12.50 with 150 products to chose from.

Now realistically you need to spend £25 and pay for delivery, or £40 for free delivery. But with the school holidays coming up (in Scotland at least they start end of June) this could be a great way to stock up on those snacks.

If I’m completely honest though, if you are really struggling this might not be the deal for you. the sweetshop themed ice lollies are a great treat, but even then, it is 4 in a box for £1, that doesn’t go very far and you can pick up 6 fruit splits for £1 at Asda or even 8 Smart Price Lollies. If I was getting an Iceland shop anyways I would probably go for it as you do get some savings on products I use. But I wouldn’t go especially

It is here if you did want it though https://www.iceland.co.uk/

Have you taken this offer? What 10 items did you chose?

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