No Spend Diary 1st-7th Jan

Overall, a pretty cheap week. Definitely not no spend, but after the frenzy that was Christmas it was much calmer.

New Years Day was super cheap, we went to the beach and ate some cake. I confess I bought some mash potato, but it was only £1.

Sunday 2nd we went to the Deer Centre, really fun day out. Cost £43 for 3 adults and 2 children, unfortunately we didn’t remember a picnic so paid more on the food but my mum got that! On the way home we stopped in M&S for takeaway sandwiches, my friend who works there found me an amazing Percy Pig Musical Tin that was down for reduction, so I got that for £1 and some Harry Potter chocolate frogs for 16p each.

Rest of week was pretty well behaved though. Had to pick up rolls from Co Op (£1.44) and salad (£1) but otherwise I stuck with what we had in.

My main aim of the week was to speak to my local car garage about selling our old car (I can’t drive yet and Mr Calamity is currently too unwell too) it has been sitting on the drive for two years now. I need it gone!! When I went through to see him he was out so will try again soon as I’d like the money.

Weeks Total: £58.90

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