Side Hustle #3 KDP (Print on Demand)

If it is passive you are after, this one is golden. Or it least it will be when someone buys my damn books.

Next time you are on Amazon, take a look at the books information closely. If it says ‘Independently Published’ then it will be a KDP book, usually created by a side hustler like you or me.

To get started, I first recommend some YouTube study time. I started by watching the Home Boss, and joined her Facebook group too, the information you gather is super important, those videos will teach you everything from how many pages is optimal to the best design programmes.

Once you have read enough to get a feel for it. Have a little think for inspiration for your first book. Start with low or no content, to get your head around the process.

Using a program like Canva (you only need the free version) just go crazy and design the journal or planner of your dreams!

Next you need to sort your categories/key words. The keywords will be what makes or breaks you. You will have learnt about these from the Youtube videos.

When you have nailed your design, upload to KDP (you can just use your standard Amazon account) and wait a few days for approval.

Once that shiny email reaches your inbox to confirm its published, take a look on Amazon and bingo! You are now a published author. Prepare to be obsessed now for months clicking back & forward waiting for those sales to come rolling in.

I made approx £50 per month until Dec selling student planners, after that it dropped down to about £10. But I’m hoping next August it should go up again.

The books you create the more you can make.

Difficulty: 7/10 I found the initial learning curve pretty tough

Profit: £50 per month for me, but I haven’t made many books (yet)

Tried & Tested: Yes by me, I also got my mum on board who designed a Christmas Planner which sold 8 copies in December (getting her £16 profit)

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