My Side Hustle Earnings – 2021

So I wanted to do a quick 2021 recap, just to cover the good, bad & ugly of my side hustles!

Advert Rating – By far my winner of the year. £10 per day, 5 days per week. I could have done 7 days if I wanted. That is c£2,600 in one year!

The advert rating is amazing, it takes around an hour to do 30 adverts and earn your £10. My only downside to this one is that it is so easy you get a bit hooked on it, and there are points where I ‘only’ advert rate, and skip other things that could grow to a larger passive income. See my Advert rating blog for more details.

KDP – This is one I haven’t written about yet. Basically it is Kindle on Demand Publishing. You create a book (low or medium content) and publish it on Amazon.

So I started in August, made around £50 per month on about 10 books. Except it was really only 2 books selling. Both were student planners.

Blogging – I made a big fat ZERO. But I only managed 10 posts and haven’t really looked at my SEO yet. So this one is in progress.

Affiliate Marketing – Er zero. Again. I didn’t even scratch the surface

Match Betting – I used to clean up with this (1k+ per month) until I spent the bank and life got hard. I received a few casino offers in the post this year and did those making on average £10 a time. So a total of about £30.

Trading – Another one that I plan to cover soon. I opened a Kucoin account and tried to do some crypto trading (buy low, sell high, repeat) it didn’t go terribly. I started with £150, played around till I got to £247 then literally overnight, everything dropped. I had stop limits in place so I went down to £198 with everything sold. It was a bit scary… I then bought Bitcoin & some altcoins in the dip. Bitcoin since then dropped further but everything else seems to be okay and I’ve been stable at about £225 for a few weeks now. So current total of £75ish

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