No Spend Diary – 11th-18th May

Can’t stop, Won’t Stop. I REALLY NEED TO STOP

It has all gone wrong, I don’t even know how it went so wrong when I thought I was doing so well.

I have literally bought every cake I can find, then I did my weekly shop at Iceland to save money and still spend £80. How is that even possible?

It is the smallest ones birthday, so I spend £45 on his presents plus my mum bought his cycle helmet but isn’t giving me the money until she sees me so it actually came to £64. I had a few World of Warcraft subscriptions come out this week at £9.99 each (one mine, one Mr Calamity’s and one spare… don’t ask!) as we play classic a bit and are planning to play TBC.

Then Mr Calamity had ‘borrowed’ £200 earlier in the month, to invest on Crypto but that has gone pear-shaped, so I couldn’t get that back, I’m raging !

But, on a more positive note. The cake was truly delicious.

My Spend: £95.95

Cake – £10 from new coffee shop near me. Was a lot of cake

Birthday Presents (& helmet) from Argos. £63.95

Birthday Balloon to collect Monday. £5

Pre-booked a play centre for next week both children. £17

I don’t think next week will be that much better, but I’m going to try and get it under the £50 mark. How are you getting on?

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