No Spend Diary – 3rd-10th May

Did I mention I like to spend? Well this week I have blown it out of the water and barely bought a thing.

  • Mystery Shopping (see my Side Hustle #2 blog) took a bunch of my money, which I won’t get reimbursed until next Monday 17th! So that helps a lot since you can’t spend what you don’t have.
  • I had a small amount of money remaining put aside for moving all our bedrooms around next week (we only have 2 bedrooms, but we are going to split the bigger one into 2 so each child has a room) but Mr Calamity asked to take it to put in crypto until next week since we don’t need it until then. That stopped any risk of me spending it (though I do have the risk that he is going to put it all on a dodgy coin) I will write a few posts at some point about the cryptocurrency stuff as it is quite interesting.
  • The butchers is closed this week! So basically living out of the freezer.

In other news this weekend, I sorted my son a balance bike from Facebook marketplace. It was a good quality one and was free! It has a flat tyre but that is easy enough to fix. I am delighted, going to give it a little clean & sort out ready for his birthday in a couple of weeks.

Not spending is going to keep getting harder and harder as more things open. Treating the children to little lunches out (even cheap ones at our community centre) and things like swimming all add up, but I really don’t want the kids to miss out.

Total Spend: £62.60

£3 school trip money (they are literally going to a park 20 mins walk away) £3 – 2 x water bottles (the little one needed a bottle for his sports classes he just started & I got a spare) then £30 rubbish pick up from council (as we are moving things around), £15 on trainers and £4 magazine for the little one, then £7.60 on bus fare to go and collect the free bike.

Wow that is actually a lot when it is written down in that way and I thought I had such a good week.

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