Side Hustle #2 Mystery Shopping

Oh this is the best work if you can get it.

For starters, it is now available ONLINE. No more, popping round the shops incognito. Now you can do it from the comfort of your sofa in the relative warmth of your living room.

The payment for this isn’t great as a time to money ratio, however you do get to keep the things you buy, you can either return for a refund, sell yourself or give away. So it has major monthly potential.

Two major companies for this one, Appen and Lionbridge. The mystery shopping assignments are sought after but once your foot is in the door you should get it monthly for the campaign duration (or until your 12 months is up)

I’ve been doing this for a few months now, takes 1 or 2 evenings per month. Basically you get shown some adverts, you click through to the website, purchase item, fill in a survey then about a week later you are reimbursed with a small payment on top.

So the best thing we have had so far has been the Donut Delivery for sure. It was amazing, the donuts were that special kind of heavy that you can hardly eat a whole one at once and you end up skipping dinner to finish it.

Other favourites have been

  • Pyjamas
  • Blade & Rose socks for the smallest
  • Child’s Farm toiletries set
  • Bonsai Gift Set

Not everything turned out so great though

  • An actual Grinch to go in my garden. A Grinch?
  • Vikings necklace that took 10 weeks to arrive

But every month when I get the email, I look forward to going through and seeing what I get. I have a slight tendency towards a shopping addiction too, so this helps me get it out of my system. it also takes a wad of money out of bank for about 10-12 days dropping it back in towards the end of the month, so think it helps me save a bit too.

I also have now a huge stock of presents for every occasion (I feel bad returning the items, its mostly small companies).

Difficulty: 5/10 – Fairy easy but make sure you organise yourself properly

Profit: £20 per month (Approx 4 hours work) but you get a lot of items which you can return/sell for further profit if inclined

Tried & Tested: Yes, another favourite of mine. I do this monthly.

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