No Spend Diary – 27th -3rd May

I had to switch to weekly as I was spending so much that it was just taking all my time up tracking it.

I’m starting to think I might be some kind of compulsive spender. Though that does sound a bit harsh. This week things started to open up again after lockdown here so I had a few spends that aren’t going to happen all the time.

2 sports classes per week for the littlest one. Thankfully he starts nursery in August so this is the only term I need to pay for the weekday one. So that was £95, then he needed new shoes which was another £15…

Then I accidently bought too much pizza, which came to £25. But that was a big treat for us since it is a pizza van so doesn’t come often, otherwise a new coffee shop opened by the park. Now I hate the park. It is busy and noisy, my kids are not well behaved at all, the big one is thankfully scared of everything, but the soon to be 3 year old is a nightmare and constantly has to propel himself all over the place and off everything tall. So I figure a treat for me is okay in this circumstance. A nice latte (£2.50) for me to sip at the park, and then a cake (£4) for each kid to bribe them at home time.

I then had my post lockdown hair cut. Which involved highlights, cut and even opalex. My hairdresser didn’t give me a choice about Opalex so I’m assuming I didn’t have to pay more for it. It was in honesty still an expensive luxury though at £110.

Otherwise I have actually been pretty good for once. I managed to do a good shopping order so we didn’t need any top ups, which was fab since it is almost impossible to just get a couple of bits from co op.

I’m currently torn about Body Shop at Home though, I think I mentioned before that I did try it and it wasn’t great for me (I will write a post just about that soon!) but they sent me a decent reactivation offer and I have run out of the things I like, so I’m tempted to give it another shot. Even if just to stock up my bathroom. BUT… I am supposed to be not spending.


So this weeks no spend total: £251

It was the week after payday, so the rest of month will be pretty skint.

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