Side Hustle #1 Ad Rating

I decided to start by sharing one of the best in my opinion. Does it count as a side hustle if it is a legit job? I’m not sure, but this one is not to be overlooked.

Social Media Ad Rating pays around £10 per hour (in $ so you sometimes fall victim to a poor exchange rate). If you have access to a PC it is fast & easy.

The sign up process is fast, you need to do a repeatable test and some training materials, give your tax info (as it is a real job) and then just wait… this is the slow bit. I signed up and did the tests in January, but didn’t get accepted on a project until October. Once accepted, it is happy times.

The rating work itself is straight forward, you aren’t paid for training but the training doesn’t take very long.

These 3 companies are very popular. If you take to Google you should find them easily, or if you comment below I can send you links to them.

  • Lionbridge
  • Appen
  • Crisp

The project I am on, is for 1 hour per day Mon-Fri, you can do weekends if you want to. You initially need to wait 5 weeks for your first week pay (they pay weekly but the Work Market system charges you for withdrawal if you withdraw early). Now that I waited my initial 5 weeks I can withdraw weekly. It takes 24-48 hours to reach my bank account. I earn a consistent £50 per week here and it can be up to £70 if you do weekends too.

I believe Crisp is a system where you can do as many hour shifts as you like but the payrate is slightly less.

Difficulty: 6/10 – Straight forward but requires training

Profit: Approx £50 per week upwards

Tried & Tested: Yes, this is a favourite of mine.

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