No Spend Diary – 26th April

Another day, another trip to Co-Op. I’m in two minds about this. Mr Calamity will only eat Stephens Rolls that we get from Co Op, so I can’t add them to my weekly food delivery and I think they are fairly essential, I can’t find a suitable alternative to them at least. So maybe they shouldn’t count against me?

The lettuce I bought should though, not because lettuce is bad but because I need to budget my food shop to last the entire week since top ups are soooo expensive.

I did however forego any cake, which was a small miracle considering how awful my eye is. Its incredibly painful and putting me in a terrible mood all the time. It is starting to get a tiny bit better now, but only just and it still looks an absolute disgrace.

Talking of absolute disgraces, Mr Calamity finished the tub of Ice Cream from yesterday today. I was raging at how fast it went and now we all have to wait until Thursday (shopping day) for more. He literally added some toffee sauce and Rich Tea biscuits then gobbled it from the carton.

April 26th – 0.49 (Lettuce only being counted as I’m taking rolls from shopping budget!)

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