No Spend Diary – 25th April

The day started off on a bit of a low when I checked my emails to find there was nothing to say I had won the lottery.

I then ventured into the kitchen (at 6.28am on Sunday thanks to the 2 year old) to discover Mr Calamity had left the Ice Cream out all night. I rather resentfully poured it away, then checked my phone to discover that Mother in Law was planning to arrive at 9am.

Just Great. I have a stye, not a normal one but a massive 4 in 1 style beast that really really hurts so I start a frantic clean up operation with a hot compress attached to my face and a real mood on.

From this start my day didn’t improve much, I replaced the ice cream and in a moment of weakness bought a packet of rich tea biscuits and a 2l bottle of Fizzy Water, then ate about 6000 calories worth of pudding whilst still nursing my face.

Just tallying up my daily spends and it looks like I was overcharged in co op by 66p, I only bought 3 things and definitely checked the prices of them (I was aghast at the £3.30 carton of Ice Cream, the one it was replacing from Asda only cost £1.30), when I got home the ice cream carton had been dropped and bust open too, I know that a better person would go back and complain but I’m just too tired and sore.

25th April – £4.99 / £5.65

£3.30 – Ice Cream (Co Op)

£1.20 – Rich Tea Biscuits

£0.49 – Fizzy Water

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