No Spend Diary – 24th April

And so it begins… rather than just focus on earning extra money it is time to get real and cut right back on spending it.

To this end, I’m likely not going to go zero spend but I’m cut it as far down as I possibly can hopefully without anyone noticing.

One thing I can’t control though, is the draw of Minecraft to the 8 year old. So aside from letting her buy 3 Minecraft coin packs with her Birthday money I then agreed to buy her the Lego City Undercover Game for £12. 3 days after I bought her an Xbox for £249 (actually more like £269 as I had to pay for insured fast delivery). What a mug.

The real money waste though was the Lottery. 2 lines for £2 each and no I did not win. I’m a bit worried that I won’t be able to stop the lottery, it is a teeny bit of a compulsion. I just feel like it is soon to be my time.

Total Spend:

24th April – £16

3 thoughts on “No Spend Diary – 24th April

      1. You can do it! I’ve found it’s all about making sure we can still live our lives, otherwise spending less becomes a chore and no fun and then I spend more! Kind of like a diet, if I cut out all the things I love I’d end up bingeing!


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