Do you even know where your last pay went?

Financial ruin £7.99 a time. Prime, Audible, Amazon Kids, Google Play, Some random Minecraft thing that I can’t log into or cancel no matter what I do. £102 left until until payday, what’s that sweetie? you just want one more pup on your Paw Patrol game? Can’t play without Rocky? Sure, why not. £5.99 more it is.

Sound familiar? It’s time to take control, we are in a ‘cost of living’ crisis you know!


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Templates to help you get started with your budgets, as well as hints & tips to keep you in line! Monthly budget club and challenge.

Side Hustles

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Match Betting, Surveys, Advert Rating, Text chat, The Body Shop, Comping, Gift Boxes…. I’ve done it all & written the guides don’t worry.

Money Saving

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Always looking for a bargain! But remember you only save money if you actually needed it. But from Batch Cooking, to Picky Eater Meal plans to ridiculously cheap toys on Amazon for Christmas, we got this.


Calamity Coins is Lydia. I’ve always been prone to a few calamity’s! This blog and website is a record of my journey to improve my own finances while also growing and helping others with my experiences.

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